Bendix, TCM, CMI magnetos are commonly reffered to as "Bendix Mags", and have been in continuous production since the 1947. Their light weight compact design, high output and reliability, make them the Best Choice for any aircraft. Aerostar to Zlin and every application in between are best with "Bendix".


Bendix S-20 Series

The S-20 Series magneto is for either single or dual impulse coupled applications. Earlier styles require external P-Lead filters for applications where radios will be used. The latest "Short Cover" S-20 Series uses a feed through capacitor that filters out the noise that might be picked up by your radio. If your are converting from the Early Style (external P-Lead Filter) to the latest "Short Cover" mag, DO NOT USE THE EXTERNAL P-LEAD FILTER IN CONJUCTION WITH THIS MAG. Connecting the short cover mag with an external P-Lead Filter will change the overall capacitance, causing problems with the "Short Cover" mags performance.

Bendix "Short Cover"

The S-20 Series "Short Cover" magneto is easily identified by the rear contact cover,where the feed through style condensor is mounted. This has simplified stud-type switch (and retard connections for "Shower of Sparks" magnetos), no special outlet kits necessary.  

In additon the Model of the mag will indicate the short cover with SC before the dash and number, for example S4LSC-21.

Short Cover (SC) magnetos are fully interchangeable with previous S-20 and S-200, pairing an SC magneto with an old type magneto on an engine installation is permisseable. All SC magnetos are FAA/PMA approved.

Bendix S-200 Series Straight Drive and
"Shower of Sparks" 

Bendix S-200 Series magnetos are "Shower of Sparks" mags that use an ingnition vibrator  in conjuction with a retard contact assembly in the left magneto to start the engine. The Right magneto is a normal single point magneto and does not use retard contact assembly. These mags can be either "Long Cover", or "Short Cover" which use a feed-through style condensor and are not to be used in conjunction with external P-lead filters. The "Long Cover" style uses a P-lead outlet kit, while the latest "Short Cover" has a simple ring terminal P-lead connection. Never Use Split Washers on the "Short Cover" condensor stud. 

Bendix S-1200               "The Best of the Best"

By far the very best magneto avialable. This series can be either impulsed coupled or "Shower of Sparks", able to achieve voltages as high as 28,000 and certified altitude of 25,000 feet unpressurized. THE mag for winning Reno Formula One Racers!!! These magnetos use the same feed-through style condensor (P/N 10-400615) as the "Short Cover" S-20/ S-200 series, Never use Split Washers on these condensors, over torque on the condensor stud can occure when trying to compress the split washer, which can cause a premature failer of the condensor.  

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