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Impulsed slick magnetos w/ serial numbers between 16010001 and 18050644 must have stop pins checked to ensure no migration has occurred. Click button for complete service bulletin

Four cylinder slick magnetos w/ serial numbers between 08090001 and 16071072  require Mandator Remove and Replace of dist. gears

Contact points manufactured November of 2011 to March of 2012 experience accelerated wear causing internal timing drift. Common symptom is hard starting. Replacing contacts will solve the issue. Re-timing internal timing will only temporarily fix the issue.

Certain Lycoming 540 models require a routine inspection of impulse couplings on impulse coupled mags. Couplings face accelerated wear due to a 5th order harmonic vibrations. Failed couplings can cause catastrophic damage to the mag and engine. While the AD only outlines inspection requirements for the lycoming 540 engine, it is recommended to always inspect your impulse couplings at proper intervals, regardless of engine model. 

Mandatory inspection of impulse coupling cams on all Slick Impulsed coupled mags between serial numbers 15021147 and 19020180. Recurring inspections every 400 hours TIS, until replaced with cam newer then Feb 2019. 

**This is not a complete list of service bulletins, these are the most common service bulletins in need of compliance. For a complete list please visit 

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