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Overhaul Details


The Very Finest Magneto, before purchasing any elctronic ignition read the C.A.F.E. reports on the compairison of the S1200 to the Electronic mag.
The differences between the 500 Hour Inspection and Overhaul are MANDATORY parts change for overhaul serviceable or not.
  • Contacts
  • Condensor
  • Bearings
  • Distributor Gear
  • Felt Packings
  • Cam Screw
  • Oil Seal
  • Slinger
  • All Hardware, Crush Washers, Cotter Pin, Keys
  • Snap rings
  • Impulse Coupling Spring
  • Impulse Coupling Cam/ Stop Pins** (If Applicable)
  • Data plate
  • Distributor Block **(Early Style, 10-349400 Dip No Longer Available)
  • Vent and Timing Plug
  • Fish Paper (S1200)
  • Coil Wedges (S1200)                                                                         **For Complete List of Parts and procedures refer to CMI Master Service Manual**


AMS overhauls slick magnetos to the master service manual instructions. Overhauls are an extensive rebuild of the magneto with all new Champion OEM parts installed. The only part that is not replaced is the rotor. 

New parts include:

  • Coil

  • Capacitor

  • Contact points and breaker cam

  • Rotor Gear

  • Bearings and Bearing Cap

  • Distributor Block and Gear

  • Oil Seal

  • Hardware

  • Impulse coupling (impulse mags)

Cost to overhaul

  • Impulse mag - $1395

  • Non Impulse mag - $1195

  • Retard breaker mag - $1250

New mags range in price from $1800-$2200

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