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Aircraft Magneto Service has been providing the highest level of customer service, integrity and honest business practices that has kept us in business since 1976. Family owned and operated our good name rides on everything we do. Providing free estimates, warrantees that meet and beat most OEMs, and troubleshooting even non-ignition related problems is just a few of the services we provide free of charge.  If your having a problem with your engine, contact us first before you pull anything (Mags/ Harness) from your engine, many times we can get you fixed over the phone.



If you are unsure of the condiiton and possible costs associated with your magnetos, we provide detailed estimates upon request. The mags are completely disassymbled and inspected to obtain a complete parts list, which allows us to assess the mag for 500hour inspection, overhaul, or exchange. Estimates are free of charge, you are only responcible for the return shipping if you choose not to use our facility.



We provide testing of Magnetos, Harnesses, and Ignition Vibrators free of charge. Return Shipping is the only charge you will encur.

All Magnetos are heated to 225 degrees case temp and tested on one of our 3 Heyer or Pacific Airmotive test stands. Condensers are tested with one of our multiple Sencore Capacitors Analyser LC102. Harnesses are tested using the manufacturers recomended High Tension Bendix 11-8950-2 test equiptment. Ignition Vibrators are tested and adjusted to spec using our Ignition Vibrator Test stand with Digital power supply and constant current monitoring.



If your Magneto is in need of only a repair, we charge only an hourly fee, plus parts and Return Shipping. Most repairs take about an Hour. Your Magneto will be Repaired, Tested and Yellow Tagged repaired.



We follow all Manufacturers Guidelines and Manuals without exception. Any and all applicable Airworthy Directives, and Service Bulletines are complied with. The mags are completely disassymbled, cleaned and inspected, with parts changed as needed and or required. Timed, and test run at 225 degrees case temp to heat soak the components to insure proper operation. Our Goal is to eliminate ignition problems, and return your mag at its peak performance and reliablilty.



The difference between Overhaul and 500 Hour Inspection is the parts. Overhauls have MANDATED PARTS REPLACEMENT and 500 hour Inspections have parts changed on condition with very few MANDATED part changes. All Magnetos go through the same rigorous testing and inspection.



Anytime your magnetos require more than the cost of exchange, or are  not economical to return to service we will advise you to exchange your mags. If you choose to get them from another supplier we will reassemble your mags and return them to you for ONLY THE RETURN SHIPPING COST.

We also provide OUTRIGHT SALE on Magnetos, Harnesses, Ignition Vibrators and Parts.

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