Slick Magnetos 

Annually, we inspect 1000-1200 Slick magnetos. We use all OEM replacement parts. Average turn time is 3-5 business days from the date of arrival in our shop.


Slick Magneto Services:

  • Test                                             Free of Charge

  • Estimate                                      Free of Charge

  • Repair                                         1 hour labor charge + parts

  • 500 Hour Inspection                    $300.00 +parts

    • (Average Cost $400-$450)


Champion Aerospace Slick Maintenance Manual F1100 requires that you OVERHAUL your magnetos: if you are Overhauling your engine, prop-strike/ sudden stoppage, or electrical strike to the aircraft. However, the COST of the parts mandated to be changed exceed the exchange price of NEW Slick Magnetos.

Test, Repair, Inspect and Overhaul Bendix and Slick aircraft magnetos


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Slick 4371 ready for to ship